Wall Mounted vs Freestanding Towel Warmers

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There are two main operating styles of towel warmers, which are wall mounted and freestanding models. While both wall mounted and freestanding towel warmers achieve the goal of giving you perfectly dry towels every time, there are some differences between the two that could affect which one you might want to install in your own home.

Why Install a Towel Warmer in My Bathroom?

When stepping out of the shower or bath, no one likes to feel cold or have to pick up and use a damp towel. If you want to avoid these problems, a towel warmer is the perfect solution. A towel warmer uses heat to dry and warm your towels before you use them, giving you the feeling of comfort that comes from being wrapped in a warm, fresh towel after the shower.

Towel warmers come in a variety of styles and colors. They can be found in anything from modern to traditional and everything in between. They can also be found in most any size to fit the space they are going to be perfectly. There are also other benefits to adding a towel warmer to your bathroom besides just a perfectly dry towel after bathing. The heat from towel warmers is also a great way to help keep a bathroom warm on cold days making for a nice environment on cold mornings. Drying your towel on a towel warmer is also a great way of preventing the bacteria that can grow on damp towels that are hung up to dry on a normal tower rack after a shower. The two types of towel warmers offer many other individual benefits that can help to make a decision about which is right for you.

Wall Mounted Towel Warmers

Wall Mounted Towel Warmers come in both electric and hydronic varieties. The difference between the two is that electric uses electricity to heat coils inside of the railings of the towel warmer, while hydronic uses hot water from the hydronic heating system of the home, or from a pre-filled liquid solution that is heated when the unit is on. When a towel is laid over or across the bars of the towel warmer, it becomes warmed and dried.

Wall Mounted Towel Warmers are generally priced between $150-$400, depending on their size and features. Many towel warmers will have advanced features such as LED lights, digital temperature displays, water-resistant buttons as well as faster heating speeds for more advanced models.

Pros of Wall Mounted Towel Warmers

A big advantage of wall-mounted towel warmers, as opposed to freestanding towel warmers, is that being attached to the wall saves space in the bathroom that would be otherwise taken up by a unit on the floor.  For smaller bathrooms or people who want to save floor space in their bathroom wall mounted towel warmers are a perfect choice.  People and pets are also less likely to knock over or bump into a hot towel warmer when they are securely fastened to the wall and not placed on the floor.  While they may have some exposed hot surfaces, they are generally very safe because they are away from the floor and any potential accidents that could occur with them being that close to people on a regular basis.

Cons of Wall Mounted Towel Warmers

The main cons of wall mounted towel warmers come from their installation.  The installation is obviously much more time consuming than simply placing the towel warmer in its spot on the floor.  You will have to drill holes in your bathroom wall to install it and you will have to either mount the towel warmer to the wall with hardware.  And since you can’t move it after installation you must commit to its placement in the room.  Making wall mounted towel warmers not as good for people who rent or might like to rearrange their home at frequent intervals.

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Freestanding Towel Warmers

Freestanding towel warmers use electricity for heat and sit on the floor alone.  They can be purchased in a number of different styles and many different sizes.  Since they are on the floor, they usually have very few exposed hot surfaces for safety reasons.

Freestanding towel warmers are generally between $100-$350 depending on their size and what features they may have.  Similar to wall-mounted towel warmers you can expect to find some towel warmers with advanced features like LED screens, faster heating speeds, water-resistant buttons, and many more.  Most electric towel warmers of both freestanding and wall-mounted varieties will feature timer settings that allow you to control when the towel warmer comes on so that your towels are always perfectly dry and warm every day at your normal bathing time.

Pros of Freestanding Towel Warmers

Freestanding towel warmers require no installation, which saves time and money on installation as well as being much easier than having to mount something.  You can also more easily move the towel warmer around to wherever you want, which is especially convenient if you have multiple bathrooms, a laundry room, or any other space you would like to use the towel warmer.  Freestanding towel warmers are perfect for renters because they don’t need to be attached to the wall or otherwise make any marks in the room they’re being placed.

Cons of Freestanding Towel Warmers

Freestanding towel warmers are generally not ideal for smaller bathrooms, as they tend to take up much more space than wall-mounted towel warmers.  There also is a risk that they can be knocked over by people who might accidentally bump into them, which can be an issue, especially in homes with children or pets who could have them fall.

Choosing the Right Towel Warmer for Your Space

Overall, any household can find the benefit of having towel warmers in their bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, or any other space that they could be needed.  While both wall-mounted towel warmers and freestanding towel warmers do the same job, the two do have some differences that make them more ideal for some spaces as opposed to others.  In both cases, it is important to remember that towel warmers, by design, get very hot and it is important to put them out of reach of small hands or where they could be bumped by unsuspecting people or pets.  Also take into consideration the amount of space you have available for your towel warmer to be placed or installed.  You’ll want to make sure that your towel warmer does not impact the movement of your door, cabinets or any other appliance or doorway.  Take care not to block any switches or vents with the towel warmer when you place it in your bathroom.  With electric towel warmers, it is important to consider the placement of the outlets in your room and that they can be safely placed close enough to these outlets.  These are a few important things to consider when selecting the best towel warmer for your home, there is a freestanding or wall-mounted towel warmer that can be found that is perfect and safe for your own home.

When selecting the perfect towel warmer for your own bathroom it is important to take into consideration your space, as well as the different pros and cons of each type of towel warmer.  This way you can find the towel warmer that is exactly what you are looking for and that is the best choice for your bathroom.