How Much Do Towel Warmers Cost?

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You have had enough! It’s time for you to elevate your daily routine. No more cold towels for you and yours. The good news for you and everyone else is that the opportunity to own your very own towel warmer is easier than ever!

Starting your search is the first step to a new morning and a cozy night. But, there are a variety of styles, features and a range of costs for you to sift through and navigate before you get what you need. We are here to help you with all of these considerations and even make a few suggestions.

Let’s Talk About Towel Warmer Costs

It’s not fun, a little taboo, and even slightly scary to talk about, but let’s be serious, you need to talk about the cost of a new towel warmer if you are ever going to be able to make the right decision.

To decipher value and what the actual price of something is you will also need to be able to make some judgements or have some knowledge of the many features and functions of towel warmers currently on the market. We will give you an amazing flyover summary giving you just the right amount of information about the features of different towel warmers, why they work and then dive into how understanding them will help you make the best decision on what price point is best for you!

What’s In a Towel Warmer & How It Effects Price?

Rack or Canister Towel Warmer

There are two basic shapes or forms that towel warmers come in: a rack (yes, just like a towel rack) and a canister, which is like a bucket with a lid. The rack style is a more visually stunning option. You can get a towel warmer rack to match any home bath finish such as stainless steel, brass, brushed nickel, black, and many more. They also come in floor-standing models or wall-mounted versions. Racks also tend to be better in reducing bacteria and mildew as they both heat the towel and allow air to circulate.

Canister versions are workhorses and tend to produce a warmer fabric. And, since they contain the air they are also more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Many canister variations of towel warmers are available with a capacity to hold several towels and/or robes. (Even though they are called “towel” warmers, don’t forget they are perfect for heating up your bathrobe!)

Plugin or Hardwired Towel Warmer

Plug-In towel warmers are the most popular version as there are a lot of off-of-the-shelf options that are ready to use right out of the box. Most are semi-portable. And plugin canister models are best for people who are renting their home, apartment or condo, as they don’t have to put any holes in the wall or hire an electrician.

The hardwired options tend to be more expensive, more substantial/durable, and will require you to hire a professional electrician. (Unless you are a licensed electrician yourself of course) That may all sound rather daunting, but hardwired or built in towel warmers are a great feature to add to your home and add value. They are also a great addition to any investment properties you may have whether they are rentals or vacation homes.

Hydronic or Electric Towel Warmer

Most towel warmers are electric. They use electric current to either heat a coil or fluid that is completely contained within the unit. That is the main difference, that they are self-contained appliances and only need a source of electricity.

Hydronic versions are the highest end and most involved to add to your home. However, if you are willing to give it a go, hydronic towel warmers are extremely efficient and not only add heat to your towel but the air in your bathroom as well. Hydronic models use hot water from your home’s hot water system to keep your towels nice and cozy, warm.

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Let’s Get Down to Price

Now that you have a general idea of the different features found in the marketplace and what combination of attributes is best for your towel warmer needs, we can start to discuss what the price range is for them.

In general, towel warmers can be bought for as low as $50 ish and as high as a couple of thousand dollars. And for the purposes of this post we are going to mostly focus on the cost of the appliance or product only. I will tell you that if you are needing an electrician or a plumber for hydronic or hardwired versions, you are probably looking at an installation price of a couple of hundred dollars. If you are doing a renovation or building a new home and are already paying for an electrician/plumber, it may not cost you much of anything to add a built-in towel warmer as far as the cost to install.

Here are a couple of great options for you to look at in a couple of different price ranges:

Anzzi Eve 8-Bar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Warmer Tw-Az012
Anzzi Eve 8-Bar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Warmer TW-AZ012
~ $300
The Anzzi Eve wall mounted towel warmer is a great upper middle option for your home. We love the that this model has been designed with not only the standard rack bars, but includes a top shelf for additional towel or robe storage. Anzzi provides customers with a wide variety of finishes to choose from as well.
A Wall-Mounted, Chrome-Finished, Heated Towel Rail With Multiple Horizontal Bars.
ICO W4203 Tuzio Sorano 23 1/2" Towel Warmer
~ $1,500

This hardwired model is starting to climb into the higher end of the price range, but is an absolutely terrific option if you are looking for robust reliability and most importantly warm, soft, cozy towels and robes! This is a hardwired version so you will want to hire a professional electrician to make sure it is installed correctly. The stylish Tuzio Sorano is also available in different finish colors and can be ordered in vertical or horizontal orientation.

A Modern Cylindrical Air Purifier With A White Finish And Wooden Leg Stands.
Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer
~ $175
Zadro makes an a fantastic canister towel warmer that is a great utility player in your home comfort line up. With it’s large size, four timer settings and being a semi-portable plug-in model, it can handle multiple towels/robes, go anywhere you want in the house (even outside as long as it’s not raining) and be ready just when you need it. I will tell you that this product is a gateway towel warmer. It will lead you to want to elevate your experience, but for now it is an absolute best buy bargain that will make you wonder what you ever did without warm towels before.
A Wall-Mounted Black Towel Rail, Designed With An Industrial Pipe Aesthetic, Featuring Multiple Bars For Hanging Towels.
ICO H6086 Thames Hydronic Wall Mounted Towel Warmer
~ $2,000
Hydronic towel warmers are the most involved version available and ICO wouldn’t make such an amazing product if it wasn’t worth the extra effort and money. Remember that “hydronic” means that it must be connected to your homes hot water system, just like traditional radiators in beautiful historic homes. You will need to hire a professional plumber for to instal this wall mounted model. They are economical and environmentally friendly as they leverage the heating system that the house already has. It also adds radiant heating source to give your bathroom an extra little boost of comfy, radiant heat. Even though this is on the high end of the towel warmer.

In Conclusion

When we discuss how much towel warmers actually cost and you realize that there are many varieties and features, I hope that you find that there is a towel warmer for you. A product for you, your home and your price range.