Do Towel Warmers Dry Your Towels?

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When shopping for a towel warmer the first thing many people ask is will my towel warmer just warm up my towels or will it actually dry them? Because of their name, this is a perfectly normal question to ask by someone who has never researched towel warmers. The answer is that towel warmers actually do dry your towels that hang on them and does it fantastically. With a towel warmer doing its job in your bathroom, the pain of reaching for a damp or wet towel when getting out of the shower or bath will just be an unpleasant memory.

How Do Towel Warmers Actually Work?

Towel Warmers can be either electric or hydronic and can be installed in many different locations in a bathroom. Electric towel warmers work independently of the home’s heating system and can either be plugged directly into an outlet or hardwired. They contain electric-powered heating elements that use about the same amount of power as two lightbulbs. Some heat a wire installed in the tubes of the rails while others use a wet element in order to heat the liquid inside of the towel rail. Hydronic towel warmers have to be connected to the hot water plumbing system of a home. Hot water runs through the bars, similar to how a radiator works.

There are also many different styles of towel warmers that can be made with any design style in mind. Designs can match any décor with everything from ultra-traditional to ultra-modern and anything in between being available to install in bathrooms. They can also be wall-mounted or freestanding depending on individual needs and can be sized to fit any space on the wall or standing on the ground. With a towel warmer to match your style you’ll add a luxurious touch to your bathroom to make it look and feel exactly like a spa. No more smelly or damp towels, only the warmest towels every day adding to the luxury you should feel in your own home when you use the shower or bath.

Since only a small bit of your towel will actually be touching the rail, you might be wondering how the towel warmer actually dries your towels during use. The way that towel warmers work by trapping air underneath of the towel that is draped over the heated railings of the towel warmer. This air gets hotter and hotter over time and while trapped underneath the towel becomes drier. A good rule of thumb is to have your towels on your towel warmer about an hour before you plan to use them, as it can take around one hour to fully dry the towels. It’s also important to remember that towel warmers are not meant to compete with the speed of a tumble dryer, but they work perfectly at their job of drying towels and helping to warm and dry the air in bathrooms.

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Towel Warmers and Health

While having warm towels might just seem like something that is purely a luxury, there are actually a number of health benefits to using towel warmers on your everyday towels. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that towel warmers are something that can increase the overall cleanliness and sanitation of your bathroom.

Damp towels are perfect breeding ground for all kinds of different bacteria, and when kept in a dark bathroom those damp towels get bacteria even more easily. Since a good number of people. Don’t wash their hands properly, when they reach for a hand towel, they are passing even more germs onto the towels then hanging them back wet for bacteria to grow. Wet towels are also one of the prime places for the bacteria that causes staph infections. By using towel warmers to dry damp towels before they have a chance to grow these bacteria, you are keeping your bathroom clean and the people who use it healthier, on top of the comfort that comes with using a warm towel every day.

Using a Towel Warmer to Get Your Towels as Dry as Possible

In general, the more bars that your towel warmer has, the more points the towel can touch which will get them drier overall. However, there are some tips that we can share to make sure that no matter your model you will have the driest towels possible using your towel warmer. You will have to experiment with these with your particular model, but these are ones that have worked in our own homes:

Each towel warmer has its own design and optimal use, just like any appliance at your home.  So experiment with these tips for perfectly dry towels using your towel warmer.

Other Practical Uses of Towel Warmers

We’ve already discussed the uses of a towel warmer in a bathroom, however, that is not the only place that towel warmers can be used effectively. They can make fantastic additions to laundry rooms next to the washer and dryer, mudrooms or pool areas.

A towel warmer in a laundry room are great additions for anyone who regularly wears delicate clothing items. Instead of risking the items in the dryer or waiting for them to hang dry for many hours they can be placed on a towel warmer for quicker and safe drying. In mudrooms, imagine the convenience of setting wet coats and gloves on a towel warmer to warm quickly on a cold, winter day or in the middle of a rainstorm. Or the convenience of placing wet towels or swimsuits on a towel warmer for quick drying after a fun day of swimming. You can also hang towels before you swim and get out of the pool to the comfort of a warm, dry towel when you step out of the cool water. Also, no more wet swimsuits before jumping into the pool again, which no one enjoys experiencing.

In addition to keeping towels, coats, and more, dry and warm, towel warmers help to regulate the temperature and moisture in the rooms that they’re in, which also helps to reduce the mold-inducing dampness that can come from rooms staying damp after showers and baths. If rooms are small enough, you can opt for a towel warmer instead of a radiator and save money on energy use and space because towel warmers are smaller than most radiators.

While the name might have led some to believe that towel warmers simply only warm towels, there are many uses to these appliances. They actually dry towels extremely effectively, which as we have discussed have numerous benefits health wise as well as being a great luxury to enjoy every single day. Since no one enjoys stepping out of the shower to a damp bathroom and towel, a towel warmer is the best thing that you can install into your bathroom to solve these issues and keep your bathroom warm and dry.