Best Towel Warmer Brands of 2022

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Top Towel Warmer Brands of 2022

Towel Warmers are quickly becoming the most popular addition to bathrooms across the country in 2022. Everyone can enjoy the luxury that comes with a warm towel after stepping out of the shower or bath, it is like enjoying a spa experience in your own bathroom every single day. With so many brands making many different kinds of towel warmers it might be difficult for you to tell which are the best. We have done the research and this list will feature the top towel warmer brands across all of the styles of towel warmers that exist, as well as some basic information about towel warmers so that you’ll be as informed as possible when making your own towel warmer purchase.

Electric Towel Warmers vs. Hydronic Towel Warmers

There are two main types of towel warmers that are mainly different in the way that they actually heat up the railings that the towels are warmed on. Electric towel warmers use electricity to heat either a coil inside the railing or liquid which when hot heats the rails. A great advantage of an electric towel warmer is that installation is easy because many will only require an outlet to operate. Electric towel warmers can also come equipped with many features like automatic timers, overheating protection and more. Hydronic Towel Warmers connect directly to the hot water pipes of a home and use that same water from the boiler to heat up the rails. Hydronic Towel Warmers get hot very quickly because they are directly connected to the hot water system of the house, and they give off heat to the room they’re installed in. Because of this many use them as another heat source in their bathroom, which is especially great on those cold winter mornings and nights when no one likes to step out of the shower into a wet bathroom with a damp towel.

Styles of Towel Warmers

Towel Warmers also come in a variety of different design styles that affect how they’re used and what type of bathroom they are best suited for. Most brands specialize in one of the three types of towel warmers – wall-mounted, freestanding, and bucket – which makes it important to understand which is best for your needs to find the best brand for your own towel warmer.

Wall-Mounted Towel Warmers are towel warmers that are mounted onto the wall using a mounting system to securely fasten them. Many wall-mounted towel warmers are hydronic towel warmers because they need to be attached to the wall for access to the hot water pipes of the home. However, there are many electric towel warmers that can also be mounted onto the wall, most also allow for the wire to be hidden for a clean no-wire look. Wall-Mounted towel warmers are great for small bathrooms that want to save on floor space, or close by a shower or bath for quick access to a freshly warmed towel after every use.

Freestanding Towel Warmers are towel warmers that are placed on stands and can be moved from place to place easily for access in any room that might have the need. Freestanding towel warmers are electric and usually only need an outlet to plug in and be turned on to start heating up quickly. They are usually the largest towel warmers because of the amount of floor space that they take up, but there are many freestanding towel warmers that can be purchased at any size. Freestanding towel warmers are great for anyone who wants to move their towel warmer to multiple rooms or for multiple uses, as well as for people who rent their homes because there is no necessary hardware to be installed into the walls or ground.

Bucket Towel Warmers are bin-style holders with lids that are quite large. Most bucket-style towel warmers can hold multiple large bath towels at the same time and most have many different types of options for drying. Since they are used for larger items, they can usually take up a lot of space, but they are fantastic at doing their job of drying large towels and other items.

Best Towel Warmer Brands Of 2022

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Best Towel Warmer Brands

Zadro – Zadro specializes in bucket-style towel warmers and their products cover a range of prices. The Zadro Extra Large Towel Warmer is a bucket towel warmer that features a large capacity that can dry 2 large bath towels easily. The best feature of this towel warmer is the aromatherapy dispenser inside that releases lavender essential oils, leaving your towels with a relaxing scent as well as a warm feeling.

Amba – Amba specializes in wall-mounted towel warmers, specifically in the rack style. They have a variety of sizes to fit any bathroom and need. With some very large models that can accommodate a family in a high-volume bathroom. One of the most popular Amba models of towel warmer is their 10-rack Wall-Mounted Towel Warmer. Featuring an extremely quick warmup time of only 15 minutes to the optimal temperature. As well as multiple finishes to suit any design style in any bathroom. These are standard features on all Amba models, and they are a great, reliable brand of towel warmer.

WarmlyYours – WarmlyYours specializes in wall-mounted towel warmers with many different models and sizes of some of the most reliable and highly rated towel warmers on the entire market. A little higher priced than some of the other brands on this list, they are some of the most popular for a reason and well worth the cost due to their reliability. The WarmlyYours Tahoe Electric Hardwired Towel Warmer is an especially great model. Featuring 7-rails designed to hold any towel, as well as bathrobes or linens. Like most WarmlyYours models it features the very popular overheat protection that will automatically shut down the towel warmer when it reaches a certain temperature to prevent overheating. WarmlyYours models also feature many colors and styles to match any design preference and enhance the style of any bathroom.

Anzzi – Anzzi features a variety of different towel warmers, from wall-mounted to freestanding. Many Anzzi models feature attached towel racks which are a very popular feature on many brands, however, Anzzi models are usually some of the least expensive with this feature which makes them very popular. With multiple sizes and colors, they can be purchased to match anything which also keeps them in the conversation of popular brands each and every year. The Anzzi Eve 8 Wall-Mounted Towel Warmer is especially great when looking into Anzzi towel warmers. This model can comfortably hold two large bath towels and with the hardwiring and hidden on/off switch give a clean look like many Anzzi models. The Eve 8 also features the towel rack for storing the dried towels when they’re finished.

BBEE.TECH – BBEE.TECH towel warmers are wall-mounted and come in many different sizes and colors for any bathroom. Specializing in a modern design look they are the perfect accessory for the modern bathroom. Their 10-rack model is one of our favorites, as it’s curved bars are perfect for drying multiple bath towels at the same time. BBEE.TECH towel warmers also feature one of the fastest warmup times on the market, with most of their models reaching optimal temperature in as little as 5 minutes. With the fast-warming BBEE.TECH models, you can be sure there will always be a dry towel waiting for you after every show or bath.